Lesson Worksheet: Classification of Plants Science

In this worksheet we will practice outlining why organisms are classified, the concept of a species, and describing the classification of plants according to structure and reproductive methods.


What word describes the variety of organisms on Earth?

  • ABiome
  • BBiology
  • CBiotic
  • DBiodiversity
  • EBiotechnology


What branch of biology focuses on the classification of organisms?

  • AEcology
  • BHuman biology
  • CCell biology
  • DTaxonomy
  • EBiochemistry


Who was the scientist that first established a system of classification in plants?

  • ALinnaeus
  • BMendel
  • CDarwin
  • DHooke
  • ENewton


Which word describes the basic level of classification, a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring?

  • APopulation
  • BTaxon
  • CHybrid
  • DKingdom
  • ESpecies


Identify the plant group from the information below.

What am I?

  • I have roots, stems, and leaves.
  • I live on land.
  • My seeds form inside cones.
  • AA maidenhair fern
  • BA gymnosperm
  • CA monocotyledon plant
  • DA green algae
  • EA dicotyledon plant


What do the organisms shown in the figure have in common?

young green ice-edited
bush tree-edited
  • AThey all reproduce using spores.
  • BThey all have roots, stems, and leaves.
  • CThey all reproduce using flowers.
  • DThey all live in aquatic habitats.
  • EThey all have chlorophyll.


The figure shows a sago palm (Cycas revoluta).

What plant group does it belong to? Why?

Sago palm tree
  • AAngiosperm, because it does not produce seeds
  • BGymnosperm, because it does not produce seeds
  • CAngiosperm, because it does produce flowers
  • DGymnosperm, because it does produce flowers
  • EGymnosperm, because it does not produce flowers

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