Lesson Worksheet: Area of a Triangle Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the area of a triangle given its base length and height.


Find the area of a triangle whose height is 23 cm and base length is 16 cm.


What is the area of the triangle on the front of James’s math folder?


The height of a right triangle is 47 cm. The base is 26 cm. What is its area?


Find the height of a triangle whose base length is 13 cm and area is 299 cm2.


Find the area of △𝐴𝐡𝐢. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


Find the area of △𝐴𝐡𝐢.


The area of △𝐴𝐡𝐢 is 12.35. Find 𝐢𝐷 to the nearest hundredth.


Determine the height, π‘₯, of the figure, given that 𝐴 is the area of its colored part.


A triangle has area 24 and base 12. What is its height?


Work out the area of the triangle.

  • A20 square units
  • B10 square units
  • C12 square units
  • D24 square units
  • E30 square units

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