Worksheet: Teeth

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different types of teeth and their functions.


Between which ages do most of us lose our baby teeth?

  • ABetween the ages of 2 and 4
  • BBetween the ages of 10 and 12
  • CBetween the ages of 4 and 7


Pick the correct word to finish the sentence: Teeth help you to eat. They also help you to .

  • Athink
  • Btalk
  • Cswallow


How many permanent teeth do adult humans have?


What is the name of the hard shiny substance that covers and protects the teeth?

  • ACalcium
  • BEnamel
  • CPlaque


What is the name of the film that forms on your teeth and can cause decay and gum disease?

  • AEnamel
  • BSaliva
  • CPlaque


The photograph shows a close up of some incisors. What special job do these teeth do?

Woman teeth-72 ppi
  • AIncisors help us to bite into food.
  • BIncisors help us to tear food.
  • CIncisors help us to chew food.


Fill in the blank: The pulp contains a that sends a message to the brain if we eat something very cold.

  • Anerve
  • Bblood vessel
  • Ccavity


What name is given to the four front teeth shown by the arrow in the diagram?

  • AIncisors
  • BCanines
  • CMolars


Which part of the mouth helps to hold our teeth in place?

  • AThe tongue
  • BThe lips
  • CThe gums


The arrow in the diagram shows the molars. What is the job of this type of tooth?

  • AMolars help us tear our food.
  • BMolars help us bite into our food.
  • CMolars help us chew our food.


How many permanent teeth does a human have?


Fill in the blank: Milk teeth start to show in babies after about 6 months. There are 20 milk teeth. Milk teeth fall out and permanent teeth start to grow when a child is about years old.

  • A5 to 6
  • B12 to 13
  • C2 to 3


The picture shows a tiger skull. Tigers eat meat. What type of teeth do tigers have?

Leopard tiger skull
  • AMolars
  • BCanines
  • CIncisors
  • DAll of the above


Herbivores eat plants. Which tooth helps herbivores cut plants to eat?

  • AThe canine
  • BThe incisor
  • CThe molar


Carnivores need teeth to help them tear meat. Which tooth helps carnivores tear meat?

  • AThe molar
  • BThe incisor
  • CThe canine

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