Worksheet: Subtracting Numbers up to 100 Using Compensation

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting two numbers by breaking them apart and combining them to give us numbers that are easier to subtract.


Find the missing number.


Are they equal?

  • Ano
  • Byes


James knows a way to make finding 4417 easier.

What is 4720?

What is 4417?


Think about the difference3517.

If we add the same amount to both numbers, the difference does not change.

Pick a calculation that has the same difference as 3517.

  • A3020
  • B3820
  • C3418
  • D3817

Find 3517.


Mason is learning ways to subtract.

Pick the calculation that would tell him the length of the orange bar.

  • A2617
  • B2517
  • C2516
  • D2618

He adds 3 to both numbers. Is the length of the blue bar the same as the length of the orange bar?

  • ANo
  • BYes

Pick the calculation with the same answer as 2617.

  • A2914
  • B2920
  • C2614
  • D2620

What is 2617?


When given a difficult subtraction, we can find easier numbers to help us subtract.

Add 4 to both numbers. Write the new calculation.

  • A6720
  • B7512
  • C7516
  • D7520

The new calculation has the same answer as 7116.

What is 7116?


William is investigating patterns in subtraction sentences with the same difference.

He uses a model to write these expressions which are all equal to 8.

What number is missing?

The first numbers in the expressions (25, 27, 29) follow the pattern add 2.

What pattern do the second numbers follow?

  • Aadd 2
  • Bsubtract 2

Investigate other subtraction expressions that are equal to 8.

Find the missing number.

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