Lesson Worksheet: Multiplication by 10 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying numbers up to 10 by 10 using models or patterns.


Fahd bought 4packs of pencils. There are 10 pencils in each pack. How many pencils does Fahd have?


Complete: 10×4=.


If you know that 2×10=20, find 4×10.


Complete: ×10=10.


To calculate 2×10, Fatima counted by 10 two times and got 20. Follow Fatima’s method of counting by 10 to calculate 10×10.


Engy shades all the multiples of 10 on the following grid.

What is the seventh number she will shade?

Which of the following statements is not true?

  • AAll the numbers Engy shades will also be multiples of 5.
  • BEvery number in the 5 times table is a multiple of 10.
  • CEngy will shade the number 50.


Use the number line to find the result of 10×2.


There are 10 teddy bears in one group. What is the multiplication equation we can use to find the number of teddy bears in 2 groups?

  • A10×2=40
  • B10×2=2
  • C10×2=20
  • D10×3=20


Maged writes down all the multiples of 10, starting from 10 to 100: 10,25,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100.

However, he made a mistake.

Which number of the numbers Maged has written is wrong?

What is the correct number?


Use the hundred square to find 10×4.

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