Lesson Worksheet: Nutrition in Humans Science

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the food groups that humans need in order to live healthily.


Foods in the protein food group help our bodies grow and repair.

Which of these foods belongs to the protein food group?

  • ABroccoli
  • BChicken
  • CApple
  • DChocolate


The Eatwell plate helps us eat the right amount of each food group.

Roughly a third of each meal we eat should be fruit and vegetables.

According to the Eatwell plate, how much of each meal should be carbohydrates?

  • AAbout a third
  • BAbout a fifth
  • CAbout a half
  • DAbout a quarter


Which food group should we eat the least?

  • AFruit and vegetables
  • BFats
  • CDairy
  • DCarbohydrates


Which of these food groups should we eat every day?

  • AAll of them except fats
  • BOnly fruit and vegetables
  • CAll of them
  • DAll of them except carbohydrates


Dairy products contain an important mineral called calcium.

Set of fresh dairy products

Why does our body need calcium?

  • ATo maintain good eyesight
  • BTo maintain healthy blood
  • CTo maintain strong bones and teeth
  • DTo keep our hair and skin healthy


Cakes and cookies belong to the carbohydrates food group.

Carbohydrates give our bodies energy.

What can happen if we eat too many foods from this food group?

Mix of sweet cookies
  • AWe can gain weight.
  • BWe can lose weight.


This plate does not contain a well-balanced meal. It contains a lot of fatty foods.

What could be added to this plate to make it more healthy?

  • AFruit and vegetables
  • BCarbohydrates
  • CProtein
  • DFats


Hannah is going for a long run and wants to eat a healthy meal beforehand so that she will have enough energy. Which of the following would be the best choice?

  • AA hamburger and chips
  • BPasta with meatballs
  • CA lettuce-and-carrot salad
  • DA chocolate cake with ice cream


Why are fats an important food group for animals?

  • AThey are needed for growth and repair.
  • BThey provide animals with energy.
  • CThey make up most of a healthy animal’s body.


Which of the following is calcium an example of?

  • AFats
  • BCarbohydrates
  • CVegetables
  • DMinerals

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