Lesson Worksheet: Applications on Percentages Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving real-life problems involving percentage increases or discounts.


This winter, 676 jackets were sold by a clothing store. Given that this is 200% higher than last winter, how many jackets were sold last winter?


Kayan received a salary raise of 4%. Before the raise, she was making $37‎ ‎300 per year. How much more will she earn the following year?


An electronics retail store sells TVs for $120. Next year, the cost will increase by 10% for the new version. Determine the cost of the newer version of the TV.


The cost of a carton of milk is 14 LE. The shop selling the milk offers a discount of 25% if two or more cartons are purchased. How much do 10 cartons cost?


A washing machine was sold for a discounted price of 1‎ ‎380 LE. Given that the discount was 52%, calculate the original price of the washing machine.


Fatima bought a blouse and a dress from a shop that had a 35% discount on all its goods. Given that the original prices of the blouse and the dress were 380 LE and 420 LE respectively, determine how much Fatima paid for them.


A person purchased a house for 900‎ ‎000 LE. Given that housing prices fell by 7%, how much can the person sell their house for?


A family spends 31% of its monthly income on rent and 12% on food and then saves the rest. How much can the family save if its monthly income is 600 LE?


The attendance at an annual conference is 125% of last year’s attendance. Express this percent as a mixed number in the simplest form. If last year’s attendance was 1‎ ‎000 people, determine how many people attended this year.

  • A325, 1‎ ‎200 people
  • B125100, 8‎ ‎000 people
  • C114, 1‎ ‎250 people
  • D45, 1‎ ‎250 people
  • E1215, 1‎ ‎200 people


The discounted price of a book is 52 LE. If the discount was 35%, what was the original price of the book?

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