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Worksheet: Subtraction of Tens


Six 10s take away two 10s is .

  • A two 10s
  • B five 10s
  • C four 10s


Count back in 10s from 90 to find 9 0 3 0 .

  • A30
  • B50
  • C60


Benjamin is using ten frames to skip count backward by 10.

Benjamin says, “Seven 10s subtract five 10s equals three tens.”

Is he correct?

  • A no
  • B yes

What mistake did he make?

  • A He subtracted four tens only.
  • BHe subtracted four ones only.
  • CHe subtracted three tens only.


Amelia found 30 shells at the beach. Victoria found 20. How many more did Amelia find?


Subtract to find the difference.

Hint: Think about tens and ones. Use base ten blocks to help you.

6 4 = .

6 0 4 0 = .


Isabella hit a baseball 90 feet from the batter’s box. Michael hit the baseball 60 feet from the batter’s box. How much farther did Isabella’s ball go?


Matthew is subtracting tens.

Find the missing numbers.

8 tens take away 3 tens is tens.

8 0 3 0 = .


Amelia and Michael were kicking balls away from the soccer goal. Amelia kicked the ball 50 feet away from the goal, while Michael kicked it 20 feet away. They want to know how much farther Amelia kicked the ball.

What would the correct calculation to solve this problem be?

  • A
  • B

Amelia and Michael kicked their balls in the same direction. How much farther did Amelia’s ball go?


Find the difference between 40 and 20. Use the dot cards to help you.


Subtract 30 from 50 to finish this part-part-whole picture.


Subtract to find the difference.

7 5 = .

7 0 5 0 = .


Find the number that when subtracted from 80 gives 10.