Worksheet: Stars and Their Life Cycle

In this worksheet, we will practice developing our understanding of stars and their life cycle.


Stars go through different stages in their life cycle. Which of these is the last stage in the life of the Sun?

  • AProtostar
  • BRed giant
  • CWhite dwarf
  • DYellow star


Which star is brightest in Earth’s night sky?

  • ASirius
  • BThe Sun
  • CBetelgeuse
  • DProcyon


Why do some stars appear brighter than others?

Night sky with stars-72 ppi
  • ASome stars appear brighter because they are smaller.
  • BSome stars appear brighter than others because they are closer to Earth.
  • CSome stars appear brighter than others because they are further away.


The Sun appears to be the brightest star seen from Earth because it is closer to our planet than other stars.

The biggest heaviest stars can make more energy and shine more brightly than the Sun.

The smaller lighter stars make less energy and shine less brightly than our Sun.

Use the graph to identify which type of stars are the biggest with the highest temperature.

  • ABlue giants
  • BWhite dwarfs
  • CRed giants
  • DRed supergiants

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