Lesson Worksheet: Mechanical Devices: Levers Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how levers work and why they are useful and identifying devices that use levers.


Mason and Sophia are talking about levers. Who is correct?

  • ASophia
  • BMason


Jacob is trying to unscrew a bolt.

Hands unscrew the nut on the screw pipe

Fill in the blank: The the spanner is, the easier it is to unscrew the bolt.

  • Alonger
  • Bshorter


Daniel wants to unscrew this bolt. Will the bolt unscrew more easily if he uses a wrench or his bare hands?

  • AWith his bare hands
  • BWith a wrench


Which image shows the best way to lift up the doll?

  • AA
  • BB


Look at this image of a can of paint.

Would it be easier to open this can of paint with a long screwdriver or a coin?

  • AA coin
  • BA long screwdriver

Fill in the blanks to explain your answer: The edge of the lid is a pivot and the force used is the pivot.

  • Apull, closer to
  • Bpush, closer to
  • Cpull, farther from
  • Dpush, farther from


Which image shows the harder way to lift up the pile of bricks?

  • AB
  • BA


This is a lever. A lever is a device that turns a small force into a larger effect.

Fill in the blank: Using a lever would be most useful when lifting a very object.

  • Alight
  • Bheavy


If we use a small push force at the end of this lever, we get a bigger push force on the other end.

Fill in the blanks: The lever makes it to lift the box because the force that David applies is the pivot than the box is.

  • Aeasier, closer to
  • Beasier, farther from
  • Charder, farther from
  • Dharder, closer to


In which image is the robot’s weight force acting closer to the pivot?

  • A2
  • B1


When a heavy object is closer to the pivot of this lever, it is easier to lift it up.

Fill in the blank: A small force applied to the lever produces a force to lift the object.

  • Alarger
  • Bsmaller

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