Worksheet: Natural Hazards: Earthquakes and Tsunamis

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing and describing the natural processes that result in earthquakes and tsunamis.


Where do most tsunamis in the world occur?

  • AThe Indian Ocean
  • BThe Arctic Ocean
  • CThe Pacific Ocean
  • DThe Atlantic Ocean


Earthquakes can be caused by the movement of tectonic plates. What else can cause earthquakes?

  • ACold weather
  • BHeavy traffic
  • CHot weather
  • DVolcanic eruptions


Scientists measure the magnitude (or strength) of earthquakes on a scale. At which point on the scale shown does damage to homes begin to happen?


The map shows the top five largest earthquakes that happened in the world. Where did the world’s largest earthquake occur?

  • ABio Bio, Chile
  • BJapan
  • CSouthern Alaska
  • DKamchatka, Russia


Scientists measure earthquakes on a magnitude scale. How would an earthquake that measures 4 on the scale be described?

  • AGreat
  • BModerate
  • CLight
  • DMajor


What instrument is used to measure earthquakes?

Earthquakes-72 ppi
  • AThermometer
  • BSeismometer
  • CBarometer
  • DMagnetometer


Look at the diagram.

What name is given to the point on the Earth’s surface directly above the hypocenter?

  • ASeismic wave
  • BFault line
  • CEpicenter
  • DMountains

Earthquakes are caused by movement in the Earth’s .

  • Aatmosphere
  • Brocks
  • Cplates
  • Dsurface


Earthquakes can cause underwater landslides, which displace (move) huge amounts of seawater.

This can create giant waves.

Tsunami-72 ppi

What name is given to these giant waves?

  • ACyclone
  • BTsunami
  • CRip curl
  • DTornado


We can not prevent earthquakes from happening, but we can do a lot of things to protect ourselves during an earthquake.

We should avoid large buildings and power lines and get out of our cars. What else does the picture tell us to avoid during an earthquake?

  • AElevators
  • BTables
  • CStairs
  • DWalls


Many of the world’s earthquakes happen where tectonic plates meet.

What is the name given to the boundary where two plates meet?

  • AThe epicenter
  • BA plate
  • CA fault line
  • DA volcano

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