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Lesson Worksheet: Writing Numerical Expressions: Decimals Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing numerical expressions involving decimal numbers with parentheses and the four operations.


The mathematical expression for the sum of 12 and 32.4 multiplied by the difference between 16.07 and 14.97 is .

  • A(12+32.4)×(16.0714.97)
  • B12+32.4×16.0714.97
  • C(12+32.4)×16.0714.97
  • D12+32.4×(16.0714.97)


Fares has a total of 95 LE. He went to the supermarket and bought 3 kilograms of apples and 1 kilogram of tomatoes. The price of 1 kilogram of apples is 22.25 LE, and the price of 1 kilogram of tomatoes is 5.50 LE. Write an expression representing how much is left with Fares.

  • A953×22.255.50
  • B9522.255.50
  • C3×22.255.50
  • D953×22.25

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