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Lesson Worksheet: Digestive Systems Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the parts and functions of digestive systems and describing the adaptations of digestive systems in some organisms.


Where in the digestive canal does food go after it passes through the esophagus and before it reaches the small intestine?

  • AThe mouth
  • BThe liver
  • CThe stomach
  • DThe pharynx
  • EThe large intestine


Fill in the blank: The is the cavity behind the nose and the mouth. It leads to the esophagus and the trachea (a part of the respiratory system).

  • Asalivary gland
  • Bpharynx
  • Cesophagus


The image shows the digestive system. Parts of the digestive canal are labeled.

Which label points to the pharynx?

  • ALabel 2
  • BLabel 3
  • CLabel 5
  • DLabel 1
  • ELabel 4


Here is the digestive system, with parts of the digestive canal labeled.

Which label points to the organ that connects the pharynx to the stomach?

  • ALabel5
  • BLabel1
  • CLabel2
  • DLabel3
  • ELabel4


What is the longest part of the digestive canal?

  • AThe large intestine
  • BThe esophagus
  • CThe small intestine


Fill in the blank: The is the end of the digestive canal, where food waste exits the body.

  • Aanus
  • Brectum
  • Cileum


Fill in the blank: The is the long tube in the body that starts at the mouth and ends at the anus.

  • Adigestive canal
  • Bsmall intestine
  • Clarge intestine


Fill in the blank: Food is completely digested in the .

  • Amouth
  • Bstomach
  • Csmall intestine
  • Dlarge intestine


The following photo shows an organ of the digestive system.

What is the name of this organ?

  • AThe small intestine
  • BThe stomach
  • CThe large intestine

What is the function of this organ?

  • AIt is the part of the digestive system where fats are digested.
  • BIt is the part of the digestive system where proteins are digested.
  • CIt absorbs water from undigested food.


The stomach is an organ in the human digestive system.

Which of the following does not happen in the stomach?

  • AProtein is partially digested.
  • BPancreatic juices are secreted.
  • CFood is mixed with gastric juices.

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