Lesson Worksheet: Maintaining Biodiversity Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the strategies used to maintain and improve biodiversity.


The picture provided shows Kielder Forest in the UK, an area that has undergone a major reforestation project. What impact will this have on biodiversity and why?

Kielder Forest in the UK
  • AReforestation in Kielder Forest will increase biodiversity, as it will provide more habitats and food sources for different species.
  • BReforestation in Kielder Forest will decrease biodiversity, as it will reduce the habitats and food sources available for different species.


Complete the sentence to correctly define biodiversity: Biodiversity refers to the variety of species in an ecosystem or a habitat.

  • Athe same
  • Bdifferent
  • Canimal
  • Dplant
  • Esimilar


The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) publishes a red list of species. What is the purpose of the red list?

  • AThe red list identifies ecosystems that are in danger of being affected by human activities.
  • BThe red list identifies species that have populations that are too large and need to be reduced.
  • CThe red list identifies species at risk of extinction so global efforts can be made to conserve them.
  • DThe red list identifies species that have become extinct so they can be removed from the worldwide species lists.


What technique can be used to create a healthy population of animals outside of their natural habitat (ex situ)?

  • AReforestation
  • BRegeneration
  • CPreservation
  • DCaptive breeding


What does it mean if a species is endangered?

  • AThe species is at risk of going extinct if efforts are not made to conserve it.
  • BThe species is in danger of losing part of its habitat due to human activities.
  • CMany individuals of that species are dangerous to humans.
  • DThe species could go extinct in the distant future.


Areas with high biodiversity can become popular with tourists. Which of the following is a disadvantage of this?

  • AHigh numbers of human visitors to a site can have a negative effect on local wildlife.
  • BAreas of high biodiversity have to be free for the public to visit, so no income can be generated from tourists.
  • CBiodiverse areas made into tourist attractions must have all of their native animals removed.
  • DOnly a small number of visitors are allowed on biodiverse sites per year.


Which of the following is not a method that would be suitable for conserving an endangered species of animal?

  • AUsing a captive breeding program to increase population numbers
  • BReducing the hunting or trading of the species
  • CStoring seeds in a seed bank
  • DProtecting their natural habitat


What conservation technique is described as the large-scale storage of seeds for the prevention of plant extinction?

  • ASeed saving
  • BSeed banks
  • CSeed tanks
  • DSeed offices
  • ESeed stacking


Animals can be kept in captivity where they are safe from other animals and have access to plenty of food and water. What is the benefit to biodiversity of breeding these animals in captivity?

  • ACaptive breeding can increase the genetic diversity of a population.
  • BAnimals breeding in captivity are well adapted to be released into the wild.
  • CCaptive breeding is a cheap and quick way to produce more animals to be sold.
  • DCaptive breeding can restore numbers of populations that are declining.


What role does CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) play in conservation?

  • ACITES regulates/prevents the trade of endangered species, so they are less likely to go extinct from their natural habitats.
  • BCITES runs and manages captive breeding programs for endangered animals.
  • CCITES prevents the trade of all animals so they are not threatened by extinction.
  • DCITES allows certain companies to trade endangered species so they can be introduced to new areas.

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