Worksheet: Bond Energy

In this worksheet, we will practice using net changes in bond energy during reactions to calculate the bond energies of reactants and products.


To the nearest kJ/mol, what is the bond energy of H C l ?

Bond H H C l C l
Bond Energy (kJ/mol) 436 243


Ethene and iodine react to form 1,2-diiodoethane. The equation for this reaction is shown.

+ C H C H H H I I H C H I C H I H

The total energy change per mole of ethene reacted is 2 4 kJ/mol. The energies of selected bonds in the reactants and products are given in the table.

Bond C C C C C H I I
Energy (kJ/mol) 346 602 411 148

Calculate, to the nearest kilojoule per mole, the bond energy of the C I bond.


Which of the following hydrogen halides has the smallest bond enthalpy?

  • A H F
  • B H B r
  • C H C l
  • D H I


Which of the following diatomic systems has the largest bond enthalpy?

  • A C O
  • B P b O
  • C S i O
  • D S n O
  • E G e O

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