Worksheet: Column Addition of Three-Digit Numbers: Regroup Ones

In this worksheet, we will practice adding two three-digit numbers when we have to regroup ones and record the calculation in columns.


Michael used place value blocks to show how to add 425 and 369.

What is the sum?


Add 544 and 438. Use place value blocks if you need to.

Hint: Do you need to regroup ones or tens?


Use the place value blocks to help you add 617 and 238.

Will we have to regroup when adding these numbers?

  • Ano
  • BYes, we will regroup the tens.
  • CYes, we will regroup the ones.

Add the ones. Write the missing number.

Hint: What do we do if we have 10 ones?

Add the tens. Write the missing number.

Add the hundreds. Write the missing number.


Use <, >, or = to fill in the gap: 369+203414+357.

  • A>
  • B=
  • C<


Use <, >, or = to fill in the gap: 304+286303+286.

  • A>
  • B<
  • C=


Uncle Noah lives on a farm that has 139 chickens and 231 cows. How many animals are on the farm in total?


Mason is solving 518+242.

He added the ones and regrouped 10 ones into a ten.

Finish his work to find the sum.


Find the following: 236+148


What is the result of the following operation?


In this addition calculation, what number should I write in the tens column?


Look at how William solved an addition problem.

Now look at this problem.

Do you need to regroup ones to make a ten when adding?

  • ANo
  • BYes

Use William’s method to find the answer.


Find the total by first making ten.


Find 119+4.

Hint: How can you break apart 4 to make a ten?


Charlotte read 125 pages of a story yesterday. Today, she read only 6 pages. What is the total number of pages that she read?

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