Lesson Worksheet: Angles on a Clockface Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying angle measurements on the face of a clock.


Which of the following diagrams represents a 34-turn counterclockwise?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Which of the following does the circle show?

  • AA 34 turn counterclockwise
  • BA 12 turn counterclockwise
  • CA 14 turn clockwise
  • DA 34 turn clockwise
  • EA 14 turn counterclockwise


When the time is 8 o’clock, what kind of angle do the clock’s hands form?

  • Aright angle
  • Bacute angle
  • Cobtuse angle


Determine the type of angle that the two hands on a clock form when the time is 06:05.

  • Aright
  • Bacute
  • Cobtuse


Over the course of 30 minutes, the minute hand of a clock makes a half-turn. How many degrees does the minute hand turn?


The head of a sprinkler made a three-quarter-turn as it sprayed water over some grass. How many degrees did the head turn?


Shady wants to divide a circle-shaped colored paper into 6 equal parts. What is the angle of each part?

Nada wants to divide a circle-shaped piece of cloth into 4 equal parts. Find the angle of each piece.

A carpenter wants to cut a circular tree trunk into 3 equal parts. What angle should he measure to make sure the parts are the same?


Write the measure of the angle in degrees and as a fraction of a full turn.

  • A270, 12 a turn
  • B360, 12 a turn
  • C90, 34 of a turn
  • D360, 34 of a turn
  • E270, 34 of a turn


At which of these times do the clock hands form a right angle?

  • A7 o’clock
  • B9 o’clock
  • C1 o’clock
  • D11 o’clock


What fraction of a full turn is the shaded angle?

  • A34
  • B12
  • C14

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