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Worksheet: Multiple-Slit Interference


For a three-slit interference pattern, find the ratio of the peak intensities of a secondary maximum to a principal maximum.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Eight slits equally separated by 0.149 mm are uniformly illuminated by a monochromatic light at . What is the angular width of the central principal maximum on a screen 2.35 m away?


Light of wavelength 500 nm falls normally on 50 slits that are mm wide and spaced mm apart. How many interference fringes lie in the central peak of the diffraction pattern?


Ten narrow slits are equally spaced 0.25 mm apart and illuminated with yellow light of wavelength 580 nm.

What is the angular position of the third principal maximum?

What is the angular position of the fourth principal maximum?

What is the separation of the third and fourth principal maxima on a screen 2.0 m from the slits?

  • A m
  • B m
  • C m
  • D m
  • E m