Worksheet: Scalar Multiplication of Matrices

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying a scalar by a matrix and identifying the properties of their multiplication.


Given the matrix 𝐴=8312, what is 2𝐴?

  • A16322
  • B16624
  • C64914
  • D8312
  • E10131


Find numbers 𝑎, 𝑏, and 𝑐 so that 𝑎1101+𝑏1001+𝑐0110=1013.

  • A𝑎=1, 𝑏=3, 𝑐=1
  • B𝑎=1, 𝑏=2, 𝑐=1
  • C𝑎=1, 𝑏=2, 𝑐=1
  • D𝑎=1, 𝑏=3, 𝑐=1
  • E𝑎=1, 𝑏=2, 𝑐=1


Given that 𝑥×2035=1402135, find the value of 𝑥.


Let 𝑍 be a 2×3 matrix whose entries are all zero. If 𝐴 is any 2×3 matrix, which of following is equivalent to 5𝐴3𝑍?

  • A2𝐴𝑍
  • B5𝐴
  • C2𝐴
  • D2𝑍𝐴
  • E3𝑍


Given the matrix 𝐴=1165243174, what is the greatest number 𝑘 for which no entry of 𝑘𝐴 is greater than 1?

  • A17
  • B125
  • C17
  • D116
  • E116


If 𝐴=[2], what is 3𝐴?

  • A2
  • B[9]
  • C2
  • D6
  • E[6]


Consider the matrix 𝐴. Find 9𝐴. 𝐴=[21]

  • A[189]
  • B[118]
  • C[181]
  • D[29]


If 𝐴=[831], what is 0𝐴?

  • A[000]
  • B[030]
  • C[001]
  • D[831]
  • E0


Olivia has defined the notion of a 'prime matrix' as follows. A matrix 𝐴 is a prime matrix if the following two conditions hold:

  1. It is none zeros with integers entries.
  2. If 𝐴=𝑘𝐵, then 𝑘=1 or 𝑘=1.

Which of the following matrices are prime according to Olivia's definition?

  • A[4]
  • B[464]
  • C[234]
  • D318661239213
  • E[4416]


Consider the matrix equation 8193=𝑚3021+1130 Find the value of 𝑚 that solves this equation.

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