Worksheet: Grouping Animals

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to group animals in different ways.


Vertebrates (animals with a backbone) can be divided into five classes.

What are these five classes called?

  • AAmphibians, birds, algae, fish, and mammals
  • BBirds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and molluscs
  • CAmphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles
  • DAmphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and marsupials
  • EBirds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and insects


Which of these animals is an invertebrate?

  • AHummingbird
  • BSea anemone
  • CKangaroo
  • DHorse
  • ERabbit


Crocodiles breathe through their lungs. They lay their eggs on land and they have scaly skin.

Which group of vertebrates does the crocodile belong to?

Crocodile in reflection-Cropped
  • AAmphibians
  • BBirds
  • CMammals
  • DFish
  • EReptiles


The animal kingdom is divided into two groups.

Which group do animals with a backbone belong to?

  • AVertebrates
  • BInvertebrates


What is an invertebrate?

  • AAn animal that has a backbone
  • BAn animal that has wings
  • CAn animal that has no backbone
  • DAn animal that has no wings


Salamanders lay their eggs in the water. When their limbs (legs) are grown, they live on land.

Which group of vertebrates does the salamander belong to?

  • ABirds
  • BFish
  • CAmphibians
  • DMammals
  • EReptiles


Which of the following animals is a vertebrate?

  • AOyster
  • BWorm
  • CBeetle
  • DSeahorse
  • ESlug


Which group of invertebrates do these insects belong to?

  • ACnidarians
  • BMollusks
  • CWorms
  • DArthropods
  • EEchinoderms


Look at this group of reptiles.


What features do all reptiles have?

  • AShells
  • BFour legs
  • CScales
  • DClaws


Look at this group of mammals.

Happy - childhood - children - freedom-- movement - people - human
Zebra on white background
Nutria - modified size
Tiger on white background

Which features do this group of mammals have in common?

  • ATails
  • BHair or fur
  • CStripes
  • DFour legs


There are five different groups of vertebrates.

Which class of vertebrates is missing from the diagram?

  • AFish
  • BCats
  • CSnakes
  • DDogs


Look at this group of spiders.


Which of the following features do all spiders have?

  • ASix legs
  • BTwo legs
  • CEight legs
  • DFour legs

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