Worksheet: Grouping Animals

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to group animals in different ways.


Vertebrates (animals with a backbone) can be divided into five classes.

What are these five classes called?

  • AAmphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles
  • BBirds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and molluscs
  • CBirds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and insects
  • DAmphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and marsupials
  • EAmphibians, birds, algae, fish, and mammals


Which of these animals is an invertebrate?

  • AHorse
  • BHummingbird
  • CSea anemone
  • DRabbit
  • EKangaroo


Crocodiles breathe through their lungs. They lay their eggs on land and they have scaly skin.

Which group of vertebrates does the crocodile belong to?

Crocodile in reflection-Cropped
  • AReptiles
  • BMammals
  • CAmphibians
  • DBirds
  • EFish


The animal kingdom is divided into two groups.

Which group do animals with a backbone belong to?

  • AVertebrates
  • BInvertebrates


What is an invertebrate?

  • AAn animal that has a backbone
  • BAn animal that has no wings
  • CAn animal that has wings
  • DAn animal that has no backbone

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