Lesson Worksheet: Addition Sentences Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and completing addition sentences using the symbols + and =.


On Saturday, Maryam collects 3 eggs. On Sunday, she collects 2 more.

Which picture represents the eggs Maryam collected on those two days?

  • A
  • B
  • C


There are 7 apples and 2 more apples. How many apples are there altogether?



There were 2 chicks in a nest. Then, 2 more hatched.

How many chicks are in the nest? Fill in the box.

Write the numbers in the addition sentence.

  • A2+2=2
  • B2+2=4
  • C2+2=5


Faisal read an addition story and made this model.

Which story did he read?

  • AThere are 4 cats and 4 more cats.
  • BThere are 4 dogs and 5 more dogs.

What is the sum?

  • A9
  • B10
  • C8


Kayan read this addition story: There are 3 spiders and 5 more spiders.

Pick the model that shows this.

  • A
  • B

How many spiders are there altogether?


  • A9
  • B8
  • C7


Find the missing number.


Find the matching number sentence for the following.

  • A4+1=5
  • B2+2=4
  • C3+1=5
  • D3+2=5
  • E3+1=4


There are 2 red marbles on a table. If 4 green marbles are added to this table, count to find the total number of marbles.


Alanoud has 1 rubber duck and 3 rubber balls. In total, there are 4 rubber toys in her bath. What is the missing number?


In a toy box, there are 5 bears and 4 rabbits. In total, there are 9 stuffed toys.

Find the missing number: 5+=9.

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