Lesson Worksheet: Proportion Word Problems Mathematics • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding an unknown term in a proportion and solving word problems on proportions involving fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.


Jennifer can type 75 words in 3 minutes. Determine how many words she can type in 4 minutes.


The ratio 1βˆΆπ‘Ž is equivalent to 0.8∢4. What is the value of π‘Ž?


The ratio between Anthony’s and Mason’s heights is 3∢4. If Mason is 144 cm tall, how tall is Anthony?


To make 32 muffins, 1 cup of sugar is needed. Use the ratio table to find how many cups of sugar are needed to make 96 muffins.


A teacher takes 3 hours to mark 75 examination papers. Working at this rate, how many examination papers would they mark in 35 of an hour?


If 6 notebooks cost $12, use a ratio table to determine how many notebooks you can buy with $18.


Chloe scored 41 points in 7 basketball games. If she keeps scoring at this rate, about how many points will she score in the next 4 games?

  • A41 points
  • B35 points
  • C70 points
  • D24 points
  • E10 points


A 19.4 meters high building casts a shadow which is 8.8 meters long at a certain time of the day. How tall is a nearby tree which casts a 4.4 meters long shadow at the same time?


It took 3 people 213 hours to paint a large room. How long would it take 6 people to paint the same room assuming that they all work at the same rate?

  • A4 h
  • B116 h
  • C213 h
  • D712 h
  • E423 h


A spinner is divided into equal sections. There are 12 green sections and 10 yellow sections. If Benjamin spins the spinner 88 times, determine which proportion can be used to find the number of times 𝑦 that the spinner can be expected to stop at a green section.

  • A𝑦88=2212
  • B𝑦88=1012
  • C𝑦88=1222
  • D𝑦88=1022
  • E𝑦88=1210


The ages of a father and his child can be expressed in the ratio 4∢1. Given that the child is 7 years old, how old is the father?


Amelia is entering a baking contest. She wants to make a total of 6 pies so that she can choose the best one as her entry. If the recipe for one pie calls for 214 cups of flour, and she has 14 cups in total, how many cups of flour will she have left?

  • A12
  • B1134
  • C334
  • D2512
  • E29


The ratio between the weights of a son and his father is 2∢7. Given that the father weighs 119 kg, calculate the weight of the son.


The shadow of a streetlight is 3 m long and that of a person is 122 cm long at the same moment. Given that the person is 183 cm tall, determine the height of the streetlight.

  • A5 m
  • B4 m
  • C6 m
  • D92 m


A sum of money is shared between two people in the ratio 19∢14. If the first person receives 38 LE, how much money does the other receive?


If a given bald eagle flies at an average speed of 30 miles per hour, make a table to show the total distance 𝑑 it can travel in β„Ž hours in order to find how many miles it can travel in 5 hours.


In order to prepare 64 meals, the owner of a restaurant uses 32 kg of meat. How much meat is needed to prepare 8 meals?


A piece of wire is cut into 2 parts with lengths in the ratio 2∢11. Given that the shorter part is 144 cm long, what was the length of the complete piece of wire before it was cut?


The given table shows the orders of the first 100 customers in a restaurant. Using this data, predict how many out of 1,900 customers would order fried chicken.

Type of FoodPizzaSandwichesFried Chicken


Jacob traveled using his car. The graph shows the directly proportional relationship between the time he took and the distance he traveled.

Find the distance he traveled after 75 minutes.


If the price of 7 shirts is π‘₯ pounds, what is the price of 82 shirts?

  • A82π‘₯ pounds
  • B827 pounds
  • C7π‘₯82 pounds
  • Dπ‘₯82 pounds
  • E82π‘₯7 pounds


If π‘Žπ‘=𝑐𝑑=𝑒𝑓=92, then π‘Ž+𝑐+𝑒𝑏+𝑑+𝑓=.

  • A814
  • B29
  • C92
  • D812
  • E281


If π‘Žπ‘=𝑐𝑑=𝑒𝑓, then 7π‘Ž+14𝑐+14𝑒7𝑏+14𝑑+14𝑓=3π‘Žβ‹―.

  • Aβˆ’π‘
  • B𝑏
  • Cβˆ’3𝑏
  • D3𝑏


If π‘₯𝑦=821, determine the value of π‘₯+𝑦π‘₯βˆ’π‘¦.

  • A1329
  • B218
  • C821
  • Dβˆ’2913


The ratio between two integer numbers is 1∢2. If 3 is added to the first number and 7 is subtracted from the second number, the ratio between them becomes 5∢9. Determine the two numbers.

  • Aβˆ’62, βˆ’124
  • B62, 124
  • C6, 12
  • Dβˆ’8, βˆ’16

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