Worksheet: Subtraction Story Problems with Objects within 10

In this worksheet, we will practice using pictures and counters to model a story problem and then count within 10 to find the number of objects that remain.


4 bees were flying around a flower. Then, 2 of the bees flew away.

How many bees are left?


A person bought 9 birds. 4 flew away. How many are left?

  • A4 birds
  • B9 birds
  • C6 birds
  • D5 birds


If there were 8 rabbits in a farm, and then 2 of them were lost, how many rabbits are left?

  • A3 rabbits
  • B8 rabbits
  • C5 rabbits
  • D6 rabbits


A child had 5 balls but lost 1. How many balls are left?

  • A2 balls
  • B5 balls
  • C6 balls
  • D4 balls


Yesterday, Nada had 4 sweets. She ate 2.

How many are left?

Find the matching number sentence.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


You had 7 balloons. If 4 of them popped, how many do you have now?