Worksheet: The Division Symbol: Sharing Equally

In this worksheet, we will practice using the division symbol to write equations to find the number of things in each group when we have 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 equal groups.


There are 14 carrots.

The carrots will be shared equally between 7 rabbits.

Each rabbit will get carrots.

Find the missing number. 14÷7=


There are 20 children.

After making 4 equal groups, there are children in each group.

Which division equation shows what we did?

  • A20÷10=2
  • B20÷2=10
  • C20÷4=5
  • D20÷5=4

After making 2 equal groups, use the division symbol (÷) to write an equation that shows how many children will be in each group.

  • A20÷10=2
  • B20÷2=10
  • C20÷5=4
  • D20÷4=5


Both of these problems are solved by finding 18÷3.

Pick the problem whose answer is the number of groups.

  • APut 18 chocolates into boxes with 3 chocolates in each box.
  • BPut 18 chocolates into 3 boxes with the same number of chocolates in each box.


10 sweets are shared equally between five children. Write the mathematical operation expressing the share of each child.

  • A105
  • B10÷5
  • C10+5
  • D10×5


15 apples are going to be divided equally among 5 bags.

Pick the calculation that is equal to the number of apples in each bag.

  • A15+5
  • B15÷3
  • C155
  • D15÷5

How many apples are in each bag?


Choose a problem where the number of groups will be 16÷2.

  • ARemove 2 shapes from 16.
  • BPut 16 shapes with 2 shapes.
  • CPut 16 shapes into 2 equal groups.
  • DPut 16 shapes into groups of 2.


When we divide 60 cookies onto 6 plates so that each plate has the same number of cookies, we use division to find the number of cookies on each plate (group).

Pick another problem where we have to divide to find the number of things in each group.

  • AShare 25 pieces of candy equally among 5 children.
  • BDivide 25 pieces of candy so that each child gets 5 pieces.


Matthew wants to divide these 20 blocks equally into 4 groups.

Which of these is equal to the number of blocks in each group?

  • A20×4
  • B20+4
  • C204
  • D20÷4

How many blocks will be in each group?


Fill in the gap with a mathematical expression:

If 24 pens are shared equally between six boys, they each get pens.

  • A24÷6
  • B246
  • C24+6
  • D24×6


Natalie is preparing breakfast. She made 20 sandwiches and put them on 10 plates.

Choose the calculation that is equal to the number of plates.

  • A20+10
  • B20÷10
  • C20÷2
  • D2010

How many sandwiches are on each plate?

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