Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating the number of objects.


Ghena made groups of ten to help her count.

How many turtles are there?


These donuts have been grouped into tens and some more ones.

Complete the following: There are groups of ten and there are more ones.

  • A3, 6
  • B6, 3
  • C4, 6


How many pencils are there?


How many marbles are there?


Faisal put these jelly beans into ten frames.

He counted in tens and then in ones to find how many jelly beans there are.

How many jelly beans are there?


How many owls are there?

Hint: Make groups of ten.


Count the number of stars in the given figure.


Osama and Noura are counting the blue cubes. They know that 10 ones make a ten.

Now it is your turn. Look at the orange cubes and answer the questions.

How many tens are there?

How many ones are left?

How many cubes are there in total?


Fill in the missing numbers to count the number of sweets: groups of 10 and 6 more makes in total.

  • A7, 67
  • B10, 16
  • C6, 66
  • D7, 76


Faisal counts the total number of candies as 76 and Noura counts them as 67. Who has the right answer?

  • AFaisal
  • BNoura

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