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Lesson Worksheet: Multiplicative Comparison: Word Problems Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multiplicative comparison problems using area and perimeter.


Find the length of a rectangle of width 2 cm if you know that its length is 4 times as long as its width.

  • A10 cm
  • B2 cm
  • C6 cm
  • D8 cm


The area of a square of 24 cm perimeter is .

  • A36 cm2
  • B6 cm2
  • C12 cm2
  • D16 cm2


Select the equation that helps you to solve this problem.

Noah is five times older than Isabella.

Isabella is 17. How old is Noah?

  • A17+5=67
  • B175=12
  • C17+5=22
  • D5×17=75
  • E5×17=85


There are penguins, giraffes, and tigers in a zoo. There are 5 times more penguins than giraffes and there are 3 times as many giraffes as tigers.

There are 2 tigers.

How many giraffes are there?

How many penguins are there?


The table shows the scores that 4 students earned on a test.


Complete the statement: Matthew scored times as many points as Ethan.

Who scored 3 times as many points as Benjamin?

  • AMichael
  • BEthan
  • CMatthew


This rectangle is 2 times as long as it is wide.

Write a multiplication equation to describe this.

  • A2×4=8
  • B4×4=16
  • C2×2=4
  • D2×4=6
  • E4×4=8


Liam and Elizabeth are comparing their marble collections. Liam has 3 times as many marbles as Elizabeth and Elizabeth has 8 marbles.

Which array shows how many marbles Liam has?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Chloe has a red ribbon and a blue ribbon. She finds that the blue ribbon is 6 cm long and that the red ribbon is 3 times as long as the blue ribbon.

Pick one way to model this problem.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Write a multiplication equation for the length of the red ribbon.

  • A18=6×6
  • B9=3×3
  • C9=3×6
  • D18=3×6
  • E6=3×3


A red rectangle is 8 cm long. A blue rectangle is 3 times longer than the red rectangle. How long is the blue rectangle?


In the forest, there are 8 fairies. There are 4 times as many pixies as fairies. What calculation should we do to find the number of pixies?

  • Adivide 8 by 4
  • Bsubtract 4 from 8
  • Cmultiply 4 by 8
  • Dadd 4 and 8

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