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Worksheet: Energy and Power of Waves on a String


A transverse wave on a string has a wavelength of 5.0 m, a period of 0.020 s, and an amplitude of 1.5 cm. The average power transferred by the wave is 5.0 W. What is the tension in the string?


A string of length 5.0 m and mass of 90 g is held under a tension of N. A wave travels down the string that is modeled as , where is measured in meters and is measured in seconds. What is the power of the wave over one wavelength?


A wave on a string is driven by a string vibrator, which oscillates at a frequency of 100.00 Hz and an amplitude of 1.00 cm. The string vibrator operates at a voltage of 12.00 V and a current of 0.200 A. The power consumed by the string vibrator is . Assume that the string vibrator is efficient at converting electrical energy into the energy associated with the vibrations of the string. The string is 3.00 m long, and is under a tension of 60.00 N. What is the linear mass density of the string?

  • A kg/m
  • B kg/m
  • C kg/m
  • D kg/m
  • E kg/m

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