Worksheet: Heating and Cooling: Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying changes to substances caused by heating and cooling and recognizing whether these changes are reversible.


What is the process of changing a liquid to a solid called?

Chocolates with heart shape-72 ppi
  • AMelting
  • BEvaporation
  • CCondensation
  • DSolidifying


If we fry an egg, it changes from a liquid to a solid. Once the egg is cooked, it can not be changed back into a liquid.

What name is given to a change that can not be reversed (changed back)?

  • AIrreversible
  • BReversible


Fill in the blank: Burning a firework is a/an change.

Hand holding a burning sparkler firework bengal light-72 ppi
  • Areversible
  • Birreversible


The image shows a cooking pot of water that has been heated on a stove. What happens when water is heated to a high temperature?

Cooking pot of water - 72 ppi
  • AThe water changes into ice.
  • BThe water changes into steam.
  • CThe water stays the same.


What is the process of changing a solid to a liquid called?

Melting chocolate-72 ppi
  • AMelting
  • BSolidifying
  • CEvaporation
  • DFreezing


What causes water to change into ice?

  • AFreezing it
  • BHeating it


What happens to a snowman when the temperature outside rises?

  • AThe snowman melts.
  • BThe snowman freezes.


What causes butter to melt?

  • AHeating it
  • BCooling it


The popsicle is changing from a solid to a liquid. What is the change from a solid to a liquid called?

Melted Popsicle-72 ppi
  • AFreezing
  • BEvaporating
  • CMelting


What has happened to the water on the tree?

Ice on tree
  • AThe water has melted.
  • BThe water has frozen.

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