Lesson Worksheet: Noble Gases Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and naming the noble gases, describing their physical properties and explaining their chemical reactivity.


The density of helium is lower than that of air, which is why helium balloons float. The density of xenon is greater than that of air. What will happen if a balloon is filled with xenon?

  • AIt will float.
  • BIt will sink.


Even though noble gases do not easily react, they do have some uses. For which of the following are noble gases often used?

  • ADisinfecting
  • BAdvertising signs
  • CRechargeable batteries
  • DAir fresheners
  • ERocket fuel


What group number in the periodic table is that of noble gases?

  • A1
  • B7
  • C2
  • D9
  • E0


Which of the following terms best describes the chemical properties of noble gases?

  • AFlammable
  • BExplosive
  • CReactive
  • DUnstable
  • EUnreactive


Fill in the blank: As you go down the group of noble gases, the boiling points of the elements .

  • Astay the same
  • Bdecrease
  • Cincrease


The table below shows the boiling points of the noble gases except krypton. Which of the following would you expect the boiling point of krypton to be?

Noble GasHeliumNeonArgonKryptonXenon
Boiling Point (C)269246186108
  • A298C
  • B+123C
  • C152C
  • D233C
  • E78C


Which of the following is a physical property that noble gases generally do not have?

  • AHigh melting points
  • BBeing nonmetals
  • CLow boiling points
  • DColorlessness
  • EGaseousness at room temperature


Which of the following elements is not a noble gas?

  • AHelium
  • BFluorine
  • CNeon
  • DArgon
  • EKrypton


Despite their lack of chemical reactivity, scientists have been able to create some compounds with noble gases. Which of the following compounds has been made?

  • AHeCl2
  • BKrF2
  • CXeLi
  • DNeS


In which of the following images of the periodic table are the noble gases correctly highlighted?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

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