Worksheet: Multiplying Decimals: Column Multiplication

In this worksheet, we will practice using the column method to multiply numbers with up to two decimal places.


Calculate the area of a rectangle whose side lengths are 42.89 cm and 9.3 cm. Give your answer correct to the nearest square centimeter.


Complete the given table.

  • A4.5, 26.25, 75.6
  • B4.5, 15.75, 36
  • C4.5, 26.25, 36
  • D4.5, 30.75, 67


Isabella is buying clothes. The items she wants to buy cost $141.50 before sales tax. If the sales tax is calculated by multiplying the total amount by 0.06, determine the total amount of sales tax.


Daniel is on vacation in Europe and he needs to rent a car to drive the 320 kilometers from Paris to Brussels. He wants to know the distance in miles. To convert from kilometers to miles, a distance in kilometers must be multiplied by 0.62. How many miles will Daniel drive?


7.832×0.93 to the nearest thousandth.


2.036×0.19 to the nearest 1100.




A girl bought 2.25 kilograms of oranges and 4.25 kilograms of bananas. The oranges cost 6.50 LE per kilogram and the bananas cost 1.50 LE per kilogram. How much did she pay in total?


Daniel earns $7.90 per hour working part-time at the public library. Given that he worked for 5.5 hours  on Monday, 2.5 hours on Tuesday, and 9.5 hours on Wednesday, determine the total amount of money he earned.


Select the values of 𝑎 and 𝑏 which satisfy this statement: 𝑎 and 𝑏 are positive numbers such that 𝑎<1, 𝑏<1, and 𝑎𝑏<1.

  • A𝑎=0.61, 𝑏=0.17
  • B𝑎=5.66, 𝑏=3.01
  • C𝑎=0.36, 𝑏=1.1
  • D𝑎=4.21, 𝑏=0.43
  • E𝑎=3.97, 𝑏=6.21


Evaluate 4.98(71.05).

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