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Lesson Worksheet: Light and Sight Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining light, identifying light sources, and describing how light reflection helps sight.


The is a source of light.

  • ASun
  • BMoon
  • Cwindow
  • Dmirror


Optometrists can correct vision by all these methods except .

  • Alaser surgery
  • Bcontact lenses
  • Cglasses
  • Dflashlights


What is the scientific term for objects that light cannot pass through?

  • ALight source
  • BOpaque objects
  • CTransparent objects
  • DTranslucent objects


is a feature of light that helps us see.

  • ALight reflection
  • BShadow
  • CTranslucent
  • DOpaque material


Mirrors reflect light in one direction because their surface is .

  • Asmooth and shiny
  • Bsmooth and dull
  • Crough and dull
  • Drough and shiny

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