Lesson Worksheet: Commercial Uses of Plants Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how hormones are used to promote commercial plant growth, and how conditions can be changed for optimal plant growth.


Which of the following is not a use of gibberellins in commercial plant growth?

  • AActing as weed killers
  • BHelping produce seedless fruits
  • CPromoting flowering throughout the year
  • DEnding dormancy in seeds and encouraging germination
  • EIncreasing fruit size


Which of the following is not a use of auxin in commercial plant growth?

  • AGrowing new plants from cuttings in rooting powder
  • BDelaying ripening of fruit
  • CKilling weeds
  • DEnding seed dormancy and encouraging germination
  • EStimulating growth and cell division in tissue culture


Farmers need to produce crops all year round to meet the demand for food. What hormone could they use to initiate seed germination outside of normal germination times?

  • AEthene
  • BAuxin
  • CGibberellin


Rooting powders are used to help cuttings taken from plants develop their own roots quickly. What hormone could be used to stimulate the growth of new roots?

  • AEthene/ethylene
  • BGibberellin
  • CAuxin


Which of the following best explains the role of hormones in weed killers?

  • AGibberellins stimulate uncontrolled cell division in weeds, which causes tumors.
  • BAuxins disrupt the structure of the chloroplasts and if the plant cannot photosynthesize, it dies.
  • CAuxins stimulate weeds to grow out of control, which eventually kills them.
  • DEthene/ethylene disrupts the structure of the chloroplasts and if the plant cannot photosynthesize, it dies.


Which of the following is a use of ethylene, also known as ethene, in commercial plant growth?

  • AProducing seedless fruits
  • BKilling weed
  • CRooting powder
  • DRipening fruits
  • EInducing germination


Soft fruit is much easier to transport when it is unripe. When it arrives at supermarkets, what hormone can be used to ripen the fruit before it is placed on shelves?

  • AEthene/ethylene
  • BGibberellin
  • CAuxin


A student carried out an experiment to determine the effect of gibberellin on seed germination. They placed three seeds from the same plant into different concentrations of gibberellin solution and recorded when the seeds began to germinate.

The setup is outlined in the given diagram.

Which seed would you expect to germinate first?

  • AB
  • BAll seeds will germinate at the same time.
  • CC
  • DA

Which seed was acting as a control?

  • AThere was no control.
  • BA
  • CC
  • DB

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