Lesson Worksheet: Division (Three-Digit Quotients) Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving division problems where the quotient is a three-digit number.


Consider the division problem below:

Is the long division used correctly?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Find the remainder of the following division.


Amira solved the division problem 936÷4 by using long division. Some of the numbers in her calculations below are represented by boxes:

Fill in the blanks: The first box represents the number , while the other two boxes both represent the number .

  • A12, 13
  • B12, 16
  • C16, 12
  • D13, 12
  • E13, 16


Ahmed solved the division problem 822÷6 by using long division as follows:

The boxes represent digits of the quotient.

Fill in the blanks: The left box represents the digit , and the right box represents the digit .

  • A4, 3
  • B3, 4
  • C4, 7
  • D7, 3
  • E3, 7


Nabil solved a division problem by using long division as shown:

Which of these division problems did he solve?

  • A135÷5
  • B675÷135
  • C675÷5
  • D25÷5
  • E675÷25

What result did he get?


A charity has 3 toys to give away. They want to give the same number of toys to each of 391 children’s homes. Using long division, calculate how many toys each children’s home will get and how many toys will be left over.

  • A129 toys and 4 leftover
  • B131 toys and 1 leftover
  • C130 toys and 1 leftover
  • D130 toys and 0 leftover
  • E131 toys and 0 leftover


Mariam got the right answer when using long division to solve the division problem 733÷5. Her work is shown below:

Some of the numbers in her calculations are represented by empty boxes.

What did she get for 733÷5?

  • A1436R
  • B1463R
  • C1642R
  • D1643R
  • E1462R


Find the quotient and the remainder of the following division.

  • AQuotient = 114, remainder = 2
  • BQuotient = 114, remainder = 1
  • CQuotient = 11, remainder = 2
  • DQuotient = 110, remainder = 4
  • EQuotient = 115, remainder = 2

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