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Lesson Worksheet: Motion and Force Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the effects that forces have on the motion of objects and describing force as a push or pull.


What type of relationship are force and motion an example of?

  • APrediction and result
  • BObservation and conclusion
  • CChance and possibility
  • DCause and effect


Anthony hits the ball with force.

Fill in the blank: This causes the of the ball to change.

  • Acolor
  • Bmotion
  • Csize
  • Dmaterial


Madison throws a ball toward Daniel.

What can Daniel do to change the direction and motion of the ball?

  • APull the ball
  • BPush the ball
  • CEither push or pull the ball


Students in a class are suggesting how they can move a ball using pushing and pulling forces.

Who has named pulling forces?

  • ANoah and Benjamin
  • BNoah, James, and Benjamin
  • CCharlotte, Chloe, and Jennifer
  • DJames and Charlotte


Ethan sees both of these signs on the different doors at his school.

Which sign describes a force?

  • APush
  • BPull
  • CBoth of them


Hannah pulls the zipper on her coat down to undo her coat.

Fill in the blanks: The zipper being pulled down is the , and the coat being undone is the .

  • Aforce, cause
  • Bcause, effect
  • Cchange, force
  • Deffect, cause


Which of the following describes a push or a pull on an object?

  • AEffect
  • BMotion
  • CCause
  • DForce


Mason kicks a soccer ball that rolls over to Noah.

In this example, what causes the motion of the soccer ball?

  • AThe ball rolling
  • BNoah getting the ball
  • CMason kicking the ball


Which of these objects is not in motion?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


What do we call the change in the position of an object?

  • AForce
  • BMotion
  • CEffect
  • DDirection

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