Lesson Worksheet: Stars and Galaxies Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the Milky Way and how the light-year can be used as a measure of the distances between stars in the galaxy.


Complete the following sentence: The solar system .

  • Aorbits another star system
  • Borbits the center of the galaxy
  • Cdoes not orbit anything


Which of the following is a device that can be used for observing stars?

  • AA telegraph
  • BA telescope
  • CA microscope
  • DA telephone
  • EA magnifying glass


Which of the following statements correctly describes what stars are?

  • AStars are very large, very hot objects that are so far away from the solar system.
  • BStars are small, hot objects located just above the atmosphere.
  • CStars are small, hot objects at the edge of the solar system.


The picture shows a top-down view of the Milky Way. Which of the four points on the diagram shows approximately where the solar system is?

  • APoint B
  • BPoint D
  • CPoint A
  • DPoint C


The image below shows a cross section of a refracting telescope. The red lines are rays of light. What are the objects indicated by the green arrows?

  • ALenses
  • BPrisms
  • CMirrors


The given picture shows a top-down view of the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Which of the following best describes the shape of the Milky Way?

  • AA spiral
  • BA circle
  • CA sphere


Do refracting telescopes use lenses or mirrors to magnify images of distant objects?

  • ALenses
  • BMirrors


The image below shows a top-down view of the Milky Way. What term is given to the features marked in green?

  • ASpiral arms
  • BRings
  • CSpiral wings
  • DBars
  • ECircles


Each of the following images shows a top-down view of the Milky Way. Which one shows the approximate path, in green, that the solar system moves along as it orbits the center of the galaxy?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Why does the Sun appear much brighter than other stars?

  • ABecause it is much hotter
  • BBecause it is much larger
  • CBecause it is much denser
  • DBecause it is much closer

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