Lesson Worksheet: Dividing Fractions Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing proper fractions by proper fractions.


Which of the following division expressions has a quotient of 23?

  • A23÷47
  • B49÷23
  • C34÷16
  • D29÷67
  • E14÷17


Calculate 2324÷5645. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A456571
  • B173475
  • C1720
  • D720


Mia wants to make pancakes with a half liter of milk. Knowing that one-eighth of a liter of milk makes pancakes for one person, for how many people will her pancakes be?


Find 67÷37.


Find 12÷23.

  • A13
  • B32
  • C34
  • D3
  • E43


When 13 is divided by a fraction 𝑎𝑏, the result is 34. Determine 𝑎𝑏.

  • A512
  • B94
  • C14
  • D1312
  • E49


One-eighth of a pot of paint will paint one square meter. What area can be painted with three-quarters of a pot?


Use the diagram to find 47÷25 (i.e., the number that 47 is 25 of).

  • A710
  • B835
  • C438
  • D137
  • E3435


Find 37÷56.

  • A1835
  • B813
  • C3518
  • D145
  • E514


A farmer wants to try a new type of seed. He has bought enough seeds for a field of area 110 square miles. He wants to plant them in a field of width 14 miles. What length of the field will be dedicated to this new seed type?

  • A140 miles
  • B25 miles
  • C212 miles
  • D15 miles
  • E114 miles


Find 59÷29.

  • A1081
  • B79
  • C8110
  • D25
  • E212


Use the diagram to find 45÷15 (i.e.,how many 15 are in 45).


What is the result of dividing two-thirds by seven-ninths?

  • A19
  • B116
  • C67
  • D1427
  • E149


Sophia and Ethan went out to get some ice cream. Sophia had 47 pt of chocolate chip ice cream, while Ethan had 23 pt of strawberry-flavored ice cream. Determine how many times as much ice cream Ethan had as Sophia.

  • A1521 times as much
  • B821 times as much
  • C116 times as much
  • D221 times as much
  • E67 times as much


Use the diagram to find 1213÷313 (i.e., how many 313 are in 1213).


James walked 58 miles in 29 of an hour. Which of the following expressions would tell us how many miles he walked per hour?

  • A5829
  • B29÷58
  • C58÷29
  • D58+29
  • E58×29


How many eighths are there in 12? Use the figures to help you.

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