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Lesson Worksheet: Multistep Multiplication Word Problems Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep word problems involving multiplication.


A car is traveling at 40 miles per hour, and a train is traveling at 32 miles per hour in the same direction. How much farther than the train will the car have traveled after 2 hours?


A family buys 3 kilograms of bananas, 8 kilograms of apples, and 7 kilograms of oranges every month. One kilogram of bananas costs 13 LE, of apples costs 17 LE, and of oranges costs 5 LE. How much do they spend on fruit each month?


A girl had 151 LE. She bought a dress for 52 LE and then bought 7 books for 11 LE each. How much money is left?


One kilogram of meat costs 86 LE and one litre of juice costs 800 piasters. How much do 10 kg of meat and 13 litres of juice cost?


A shop is having a back-to-school sale and is offering special deals on pens, pencils, and rulers. Use the shopping list to calculate how much Yara will spend on classroom supplies.


A child bought 4 packs of coloring pencils, which cost ten pounds each. Then they bought 10 pens for 2 pounds each. How much did they spend?


A man went to the market and bought 5 kilograms of guavas, 4 kilograms of broccoli, 2 kilograms of bananas, 3 kilograms of tomatoes, and 6 kilograms of carrots. Use the table to calculate how much he paid.

KindGreen BeansLemonsTomatoesBroccoliCarrotsPepperBananasApplesPotatoesGrapesGuavasMangoes
Price per kg (LE)3425349105978


A family of 8 eats 9 kilograms of bananas, 2 kilograms of apples, and 4 kilograms of oranges every month. Per kilogram, the price is 2 LE for oranges, 9 LE for apples, and 7 LE for bananas. How much do they spend on fruit each month?


Michael bought 5 kg of mangoes, which cost 7 LE/kg, and 2 kg of bananas, which cost 9 LE/kg. How much did he pay?


The table shows the number and prices of home appliances in a store. Calculate the total price of all the appliances in the store.

ApplianceNumber of AppliancesPrice of One Unit
Fridge 10 4‎ ‎000
Fan 10 800
Coffee Maker 10 700
Heater 25 500
Blender 25 300

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