Worksheet: Properties of Matter

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different properties of materials.


A class tested how absorbent different paper towels are.

Which towel was the most absorbent?

Hint: Which towel soaked up the most water?

Paper TowelABCD
Amount of Water Absorbed (ml)33425037
  • ATowel A
  • BTowel C
  • CTowel B


A class tested different materials to see which were waterproof. They recorded their results in a table.


Use the table to identify which material would be best to make a waterproof jacket or a raincoat.

  • ACotton
  • BWool
  • CNylon
  • DRubber


A class tested different materials (fabrics) to see which are waterproof. They used a dropper to squeeze 5 drops of water onto each piece of fabric and then observed if these drops were absorbed by the fabric.

Their results are shown in the table.

Type of Fabric Number of Drops on Top of the Fabric Is It Waterproof? (Yes/No)

Which material is the best to use to make a rain boot?

Hint: Use the table to help you.

  • AWool
  • BRubber
  • CNylon
  • DCotton


A class were testing materials to find the best thermal insulator to make a coffee cup.

They placed boiling water (100 degrees Celsius) in a beaker and covered the beaker with each of the materials.

They checked the temperature of the water after 5 minutes.

MaterialMetal foilPolystyrenePaperCardboard
Temperature of Water after 5 Minutes (Degrees Celsius)80957575

Which of the materials tested is the best thermal insulator?

  • ACardboard
  • BPaper
  • CMetal foil
  • DPolystyrene


Which of the following natural materials is the hardest?

Diamond-72 ppi

Clay-72 ppi

Gold-72 ppi
  • AClay
  • BDiamond
  • CGold


A class wanted to test which material makes the bounciest ball. They dropped balls made of different materials from one meter and recorded the height of their bounce in a bar graph. Which material was the bounciest?

  • ACork and leather
  • BRubber
  • CPlastic
  • DSponge


Why is copper used to make electrical wiring?

  • ABecause it is an electrical conductor
  • BBecause it is opaque
  • CBecause it is magnetic
  • DBecause it is rigid


Modeling clay can easily be molded into different shapes. What is this property called?

Modeling clay - 72 ppi
  • ATransparency
  • BRigidity
  • CMalleability
  • DMagnetic


Gold is a metal that is used to make many things. Are these gold bars solid, liquid, or gas?

Set of Gold bars-72 ppi
  • ASolid
  • BGas
  • CLiquid


The image shows how to make fruit popsicles. How can we make the popsicles become solid?

Making homemade summer fruit popsicles-72 ppi
  • AMelt them
  • BBoil them
  • CFreeze them


Minerals can be classified according to their properties.

Luster is used to describe how much a mineral shines (by reflecting light).

Which two minerals shown have the best luster?

Rose Quartz - 72 ppi

Slate - 72 ppi

Gold - 72 ppi

Mica - 72 ppi
  • AMica and rose quartz
  • BRose quartz and slate
  • CGold and slate
  • DGold and mica
  • EMica and slate


A material that lets light through can be described as transparent.

Which word describes materials that do not allow light to pass through them?

  • AReflective
  • BConductive
  • COpaque
  • DTransparent


In the classic story The Three Little Pigs, the three pigs used different materials to build their houses.

Which is the best material to use to make a strong house?

Hint: Which house was the wolf unable to blow down?

  • AStraw
  • BWood
  • CBrick


The heat from the Sun caused the snowman to melt. What state of matter has the snowman become?

  • AA solid
  • BA liquid
  • CA gas


Materials have different properties. For example, some materials are hard and others are soft.

Scientists can test these properties to see which materials are best for a certain job.

Materials have different properties - 72 ppi

What property could we use to describe modeling clay?

  • AShiny
  • BSoft
  • CHard
  • DMagnetic


The table shows the properties of some materials.

PropertiesConducts heat and electricity, hard, strong, rigidFlexible, does not conduct heat or electricity, hardConducts electricity, conducts heat, hard, rigid, opaque

Use the table to identify which material is best to use to make a handle for a pan or cooking pot.

Hint: Look closely at the properties of the materials.

  • ASteel
  • BCopper
  • CPlastic


Matter is made up of small parts that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

What name do we use to describe these small parts?

  • ACells
  • BParticles
  • CDust


Diapers contain a special gel layer. Why is this gel used?

Hint: Use the diagram to help you.

  • AThe gel is antibacterial.
  • BThe gel is elastic.
  • CThe gel is highly absorbent.
  • DThe gel is breathable.


Everything around us is made from matter.

Choose the correct definition of the word matter from the given list.

  • AMatter is everything that we can see around us.
  • BMatter is anything solid that we can hold.
  • CMatter is anything that has mass and takes up space.


Which property is the most important when selecting a material to make a rain boot?

Pair of rain boots - 72 ppi
  • AStrong
  • BAbsorbent
  • CWaterproof
  • DColorful


The photograph shows a scientist testing a material.

Research of new type of fabric concept-72 ppi

What property do you think she is testing?

  • AHow stretchy the material is
  • BHow old the material is
  • CHow transparent the material is


The image shows some toys that are all made of different solid materials.

Which of the toys is made of wood?

  • AThe rocking horse
  • BThe teddy bear
  • CThe tin soldier


Anthony, the builder, wants to make a magnetic holder for his tools. Which material should he use?

Tools on a magnetic holder - 72 ppi

Hint: Think of a material that is magnetic.

  • ARubber
  • BIron
  • CPlastic
  • DWood

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