Lesson Worksheet: Earth's Surface Features Science • 2nd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing Earth’s surface features.


Fill in the blank: A landform that is completely surrounded by water is called .

  • Aa mountain
  • Ba valley
  • Can island


Fill in the blank: Most mountains have a steep slope. A slope is the a landform.

  • Awater on
  • Bheight of
  • Cslant on


Fill in the blank: The picture below shows a .

  • Aplateau
  • Bhill
  • Cmountain


Fill in the blank: The picture shows an underwater .

  • Ahill
  • Bplain
  • Cvalley


A landform is an area of Earth that has its own shape. Which of these landforms have the largest shape?

  • AIslands
  • BContinents
  • CMountains


The picture shows the bottom of the ocean. What landform do you see?

  • AA valley
  • BA mountain
  • CA plain


Which landform has a deep valley and a river running through it?

  • AA canyon
  • BA mountain
  • CA plain


A pond is a shallow body of water with a lot of plant growth. Which picture shows a pond?

  • APicture 1
  • BPicture 3
  • CPicture 2


Matthew and Hannah are looking at the picture shown. Matthew says that the picture is a mountain. Hannah says that the picture is a hill.

Which of them is right?

  • AMatthew is right because it has a steep slope.
  • BHannah is right because it is a curved area of land.
  • CNeither of them is right.


All of the landforms in an area of land is called a landscape. What landforms do you see in the landscape shown?

  • AIslands, lakes, and ponds
  • BPlains and plateaus
  • CMountains, hills, and valleys

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