Practice: Definite Integrals as Limits of Riemann Sums

Express ο„Έ3π‘₯π‘₯d as the limit of Riemann sums.

  • AlimοŠβ†’βˆžοŠοƒοŠ²οŠ¦οŠ¬ο„š18𝑛3+6𝑖𝑛
  • BlimοŠβ†’βˆžοŠοƒοŠ²οŠ§οŠ¬ο„š18𝑛6𝑖𝑛
  • ClimοŠβ†’βˆžοŠοƒοŠ²οŠ§οŠ¬ο„š18𝑛3+6𝑖𝑛
  • DlimοŠβ†’βˆžοŠοƒοŠ²οŠ§οŠ¬ο„šβˆ’18𝑛3βˆ’6𝑖𝑛
  • ElimοŠβ†’βˆžοŠ―οƒοŠ²οŠ©οŠ¬ο„š18𝑛3+6𝑖𝑛

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