Lesson Worksheet: Physical and Chemical Changes Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing and identifying physical and chemical changes.


Amira has matched some science words to their meaning.

Is she correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


This photo shows iron that has been heated to a high temperature and has melted. Iron melting is an example of a physical change.

Metal Casting - iron that has been heated to a high temperature

Fill in the blanks: During a physical change, the of a material changes, but not the .

  • Aappearance, chemical structure
  • Bchemical structure, appearance


Water can exist as ice, water, or water vapor.

Select the physical change that is happening at arrow 4.

  • ACondensation
  • BEvaporation
  • CFreezing
  • DMelting


Amelia has grouped 5 facts about chemical and physical changes:

Select the number of the fact that is in the wrong place.


Daniel added a few drops of acid to a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate. A new substance formed.

Chemical reaction of vinegar and baking soda

What type of change is this?

  • AA chemical change
  • BA physical change


Mason and Olivia add a sugar lump to a cup of tea. They stir the tea and then taste it. It tastes sweet.

They, then, grind up a sugar lump, add it to another cup of tea, and stir.

They talk about how the tea will taste.

Who is right?

  • AMason
  • BOlivia


Benjamin heats some salt solution to evaporate off the water and get back the salt.

Is this an example of a physical or a chemical change?

  • AChemical
  • BPhysical


A class are investigating what happens when you mix together vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

The photograph shows what happened when they tried.

Two boys watching a chemistry experiment

The class placed a balloon over the mixture in the bottle and it inflated. This proves that a new substance was produced.

Which state of matter was produced?

  • AA gas
  • BA solid
  • CA liquid

What evidence do the class have that the mixture reacted to produce a change of state?

  • AThe bicarbonate of soda dissolved.
  • BThe bicarbonate of soda melted.
  • CThe balloon inflated.


Fill in the blank: A physical change is reversible because the chemical structure of the material altered.

  • Ais
  • Bis not


Chocolate melting is an example of a physical change.

Melted chocolate

Which of these is also an example of a physical change?

  • ABoiling an egg
  • BFreezing orange juice
  • CBurning wood
  • DCooking a sausage

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