Worksheet: Current and Charge

In this worksheet, we will practice defining electrical current and converting between a current in amperes and the number of coulombs of charge delivered.


For how long would a current of 0.15 A need to be sustained to deliver a charge of 12 C?


After 30 s, the total charge that passes a specific point in a circuit is 12 C. What is the current?


What is the equation which expresses the total charge (𝑄) delivered by a current (𝐼) in a period of time (𝑡)?

  • A𝑄=𝐼×𝑡
  • B𝑄=𝐼
  • C𝑄=𝑡𝐼
  • D𝑄=𝐼×𝑡
  • E𝑄=𝐼𝑡


A current of 0.2 A passes through a wire for a period of 60 s. Calculate the total charge delivered by the wire.


Which of the following electrical currents would deliver the greatest charge?

  • A20 A for 0.15 s
  • B0.25 A for 15 s
  • C0.05 A for 60 s
  • D1.0 A for 1.0 s
  • E0.10 A for 35 s

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