Worksheet: Bar Graph with up to 5 Categories

In this worksheet, we will practice reading a bar graph with unit scale and up to 5 categories and solving simple word problems using the data in the graph.


The weather during December in a certain tropical village was either sunny, cloudy, or rainy. The given bar graph shows the number of days of each kind of weather.

How many rainy days were there in December?


The graph shows how many classes are taught by each teacher. How many teachers are there?


The graph shows how many days Samar was absent in each grade.

How many days has she been absent since the start of second grade?


The graph shows how far Bassem, Fady, Sherif, and Nader managed to stretch an elastic band without breaking it. The names are missing from the graph, but Nader stretched his elastic band the farthest. Bassem beat Fady, and neither of them were last. Given that Bassem stretched his elastic band 12 inches, how far did Sherif stretch his?


Engy was on the soccer team for 4 years during elementary school. The graph shows the number of goals she scored with the team. Which grade was Engy in when she scored 13 goals?

  • A3rd grade
  • B2nd grade
  • C5th grade
  • D4th grade


The graph shows the number of students who participated in various activities at a school. Find the total number of students.


The graph shows how many courses Shady took in each year of college. How many courses has he taken since the beginning of the third year?

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