Worksheet: Electron Orbital Magnetic Dipole Moment

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the magnetic dipole moment of atomic electrons from the spectroscopic description of their quantum states.


Find the magnitude of the minimum torque that acts on the orbital magnetic dipole of a 3𝑝 electron in an external magnetic field of 2.50Γ—10 T.

  • A2.53Γ—10 Nβ‹…m
  • B2.32Γ—10 Nβ‹…m
  • C2.23Γ—10 Nβ‹…m
  • D2.45Γ—10 Nβ‹…m
  • E2.60Γ—10 Nβ‹…m


In terms of πœ‡οŒ‘, which of the following is the magnitude of an electron magnetic moment?

  • A3πœ‡οŒ‘
  • B2πœ‡οŒ‘
  • C√2πœ‡οŒ‘
  • Dπœ‡οŒ‘
  • Eβˆ’πœ‡οŒ‘


Which of the following is the magnitude of the orbital magnetic dipole moment of the electron in the 3𝑑 state?

  • A2√3πœ‡οŒ‘
  • B√3πœ‡οŒ‘
  • C6πœ‡οŒ‘
  • D2√6πœ‡οŒ‘
  • E√6πœ‡οŒ‘


An electron in a hydrogen atom is in the 𝑛=4, 𝑙=3 state.

Find the smallest angle the electron’s magnetic moment makes with the atom’s 𝑧-axis. Answer to the nearest degree.

Which of the following is the projection of the electron’s magnetic moment at the smallest angle that the moment makes with the atom’s 𝑧-axis? Express your answer in terms of πœ‡οŒ‘.

  • Aπœ‡οŒ‘
  • Bβˆ’3πœ‡οŒ‘
  • C2πœ‡οŒ‘
  • Dβˆ’5πœ‡οŒ‘
  • E4πœ‡οŒ‘

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