Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Lengths Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one- and two-step problems with metric units of length, working with whole-number units and mixed measures.


The perimeter of the larger rectangle is twice the perimeter of the smaller one.

What is the width of the smaller rectangle?

  • A1 m, 20 cm
  • B1 m, 10 cm
  • C2 m, 40 cm
  • D1 m, 40 cm


Natalie is attaching 2 sheets of paper for her school project. The first sheet of paper is 55 cm, 3 mm long. The second sheet is 30 cm, 7 mm long.

What is the total length?


Emma is 1 meter, 73 centimeters tall. Mia is only 9 cm shorter.

How tall is Mia in centimeters?


James has 10 meters of wood. He cuts some shelves for his wardrobe. Each shelf is 1 meter, 20 centimeters. He makes 3 shelves.

How much leftover wood will he have, in meters and centimeters, after making the shelves?

  • A5 meters,40 centimeters
  • B6 meters,50 centimeters
  • C6 meters,40 centimeters
  • D7 meters,40 centimeters


Anthony goes to the gym 4 times each month. The gym is 30 meters away from home. How many meters does he travel in a month?

Hint: Anthony must travel there and get back each time.


Mason had a piece of string which measured 7 cm and 5 mm. He cut off a piece and the remaining string had a length of 5 cm and 1 mm. What was the length of the piece that he cut off?

  • A1 cm and 3 mm
  • B3 cm and 7 mm
  • C7 cm and 4 mm
  • D2 cm and 4 mm


James has two pieces of string. One with a length of 45 cm and 2 mm, and the other with a length of 47 cm and 9 mm. What is the difference in length between the two pieces of string?

  • A3 cm and 8 mm
  • B2 cm and 7 mm
  • C1 cm and 2 mm
  • D1 cm and 6 mm


The distance between Liam's and Jackson's desks is 1 m, 30 cm and the distance between Liam's and Benjamin's desks is 2 m, 80 cm. Find the total distance between Liam's and Benjamin's desks.

  • A2 m, 10 cm
  • B1 m, 30 cm
  • C4 m, 10 cm
  • D3 m, 10 cm


The bride’s dress is 1 meter, 73 centimeters long. She needs to shorten the dress by 14 cm to fit her. What is the new length of the dress?

  • A1 m, 87 cm
  • B1 m, 59 cm
  • C59 cm
  • D87 cm


What is the total length of the book?

  • A36 cm, 4 mm
  • B18 cm, 4 mm
  • C36 cm, 2 mm
  • D28 cm, 2 mm

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