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Lesson Worksheet: Energy and Collisions Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining collisions and identifying energy transformation during collisions.


When a bicycle travels a distance after a collision with a car, some of the car’s energy is transferred to the bicycle in the form of energy.

  • Achemical
  • Bkinetic
  • Clight
  • Dpotential


What is the scientific term for the process that includes a transfer of energy in which two objects or more crash into each other?

  • AForce
  • BCollision
  • CMotion
  • DWork


When a cricket bat hits a ball, it transfers energy, which causes a change in the ball’s direction.

  • Akinetic
  • Bpotential
  • Celectrical
  • Dlight


The driver moves when he stops the car suddenly.

  • Ato the left side
  • Bforward
  • Cto the right side
  • Dbackward


True or False: Energy can be transferred between two vehicles during a collision.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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