Worksheet: Multiplying a Two-Digit Number by a One-Digit Number: Column Method without Regrouping

In this worksheet, we will practice using the standard algorithm to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number for calculations where there is no regrouping.


There are two baskets. Each has 11 marbles inside. How many marbles are there altogether?


What is 13×2?


A car moves at a speed of 72 miles per hour. How far will it travel in 3 hours?


Look at how Daniel found that 22×4=88.

1. Multiply the tens.

2. Multiply the ones.

3. Add.

Use his method to find these products.

1 2 × 3 .

1 8 × 4 .

3 1 × 6 .


Find the product 43×2 by multiplying the tens followed by the ones and then adding.


Look at how Amelia found that 13×2=26.

Find the missing numbers in these calculations.


The number 42 is composed of 4 tens and 2 ones, and can be made with place value cards.

Multiply the ones by 3.

Multiply the tens by 3.

Add these two numbers to find the answer to 42×3.


Use <, =, or > to fill in the blank: (4×32)9038.

  • A >
  • B =
  • C <

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