Worksheet: Speed

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the speed as a rate of change of distance that objects move during a time interval.


A car takes some time to travel from one end of a stretch of road to the other end, and the ends of the stretch of road are 540 m apart. The car travels along the stretch of road at a constant speed of 36 m/s. How much time does it take for the car to reach the other end?


What distance does an object with a speed of 15 m/s travel in a time of 4 seconds?


The sides of a baseball diamond are 27 m in length. What is the average speed of a baseball player who runs from first base to third base in a time of 7.2 s?


How much time is taken for an object with a speed of 80 m/s to travel a distance of 300 m?


An airplane travels at a speed of 800 km/h for 3.5 hours. How many kilometers does the airplane travel?


A sprinter runs the 100-meter race at a certain average speed. The runner crosses the finish line 9.5 s after the race starts. What is the runner’s average speed? Round your answer to one decimal place.


In the diagram shown, the distance 𝐴𝐵 is 120 m and the distance 𝐵𝐶 is 280 m. At an average speed of 8 m/s, how much time is taken to move from 𝐴 to 𝐵 and then to 𝐶 by traveling along the two lines shown in the diagram?


What is the speed of an object that travels a distance of 300 meters in a time of 25 seconds?


The distance between position 𝐴 and position 𝐵 shown in the diagram is 2,500 m. What is the average speed of a car that travels from 𝐴 to 𝐵 in 200 seconds?


A curved racetrack has a length of 440 m. How many times does an athlete running at 8.8 m/s cross the same point on the race track if they run for 250 seconds?


A cat walks in a garden. The cat walks north a distance of 3 m in a time of 12 s. The cat then stops for 18 s before walking another 6 m north in a time of 15 s. What is the cat’s average speed?


A person walking strolls all the way around a pond, a distance of 12 m. The person then turns around and walks 6 m back around the pond. The person’s average speed is 0.9 m/s. How much time does their walking take?


Two children, Sophia and Michael, go running through some fields. They both enter a field that is 36 m long and 77 m wide, entering at the field’s bottom left-hand corner at the same time as each other. Sophia runs along the edges of the field at an average speed of 5.65 m/s, first to the top left-hand corner and then to the top right-hand corner. Michael runs straight across the field to the top right-hand corner, but the long grass in the field makes him run at an average speed of only 2.5 m/s. What is the difference in the time taken for Sophia and Michael to arrive at the top right-hand corner of the field?


Two cars, A and B, are approaching a perpendicular junction. Car A is moving at 35 m/s north and car B is moving at 25 m/s east. Car A arrives at the junction 5 seconds before car B arrives there. Car B was initially 375 m from the junction. How far from the junction was car A initially?


A dog runs north at a speed of 4 m/s for 25 seconds and then runs west at a speed of 6 m/s for 10 seconds. What is the total distance the dog travels?


A woman jogging at an average speed of 4 m/s runs from position 𝐴 to position 𝐵 in a time of 280 s. What is the distance between 𝐴 and 𝐵?


A car is driven along a road at a constant speed. The distances that the car has moved from its starting position at different times are shown in the diagram. Find the distance 𝐿 to the nearest meter.


A dog sits at its owner’s feet. The dog’s owner throws a ball horizontally in a straight line and the dog runs to catch the ball. The dog runs a distance of 8.5 m in the direction that the ball is thrown, but the ball is thrown weakly and lands only 3.5 m from the owner, as shown in the diagram. When the ball has landed, the owner walks straight toward the ball at a speed of 1.05 m/s and the dog runs straight toward the ball at a speed of 3.75 m/s. How many seconds pass between the dog getting to the point where the ball lands and the owner getting to the point where the ball lands? Answer to the nearest second.


Which of the following formulas correctly relates time, distance, and speed?

  • A𝑠=1𝑑𝑡
  • B𝑑=𝑠𝑡
  • C𝑠=𝑑+𝑡
  • D𝑠=𝑑𝑡
  • E𝑠=𝑑𝑡


A light-year is a unit of distance which is used to express large distances in the universe. It is the distance which light travels in one year. How many meters are there in a light-year, given that the speed of light is 2.98×10 m/s and a year on Earth is 365.25 days?

  • A1.1×10 m
  • B9.4×10 m
  • C3.9×10 m
  • D1.6×10 m


Voyager 1 is the farthest man-made object from Earth. A radio signal from Earth takes 20.6 hours to reach Voyager 1. If the speed of the radio signal is 3×10 m/s, calculate how far away Voyager 1 is.

  • A2.22×10 m
  • B1.25×10 m
  • C6.18×10 m
  • D3.71×10 m


A man walked a distance of 2 km in the direction of the south in 0.7 h, and then he turned and walked 2 km in the direction of the north in 0.7 h. Calculate the average speed of the man.

  • A1.4 km/h
  • B5.7 km/h
  • C0 km/h
  • D2.9 km/h


A police car is chasing a thieves’ getaway car which is moving on a straight road. The police car is moving with a speed of 85 km/h and the getaway car is moving with a speed of 72 km/h. The distance between the two cars is initially 150 m. Calculate the time it takes the police car to catch up with the thieves’ car.

  • A6.9 s
  • B41.5 s
  • C13.8 s
  • D20.8 s

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