Worksheet: Solutions to a Changing Earth

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and finding solutions to prevent erosion caused by wind and water.


The photograph shows the Erg Chebbi Dunes in the Sahara Desert.

The shape of the land in this desert is always changing.

Which type of erosion forms sand dunes?

Erg Chebbi Dunes in the Sahara Desert
  • AGlaciers
  • BWaves
  • CRainfall
  • DWind


The image shows a field where some of the soil has been eroded.

Pick the most likely cause of this soil erosion.

Damaged field-72 ppi
  • AA flood
  • BA hurricane
  • CA volcanic eruption


The wind can cause erosion by blowing soil from one place to another.

How did the farmer protect his crops from wind erosion in the image shown?

  • AThe farmer planted his crops in a valley.
  • BThe farmer planted his crops on a sunny day.
  • CThe farmer planted trees to act as a wind barrier.
  • DThe farmer planted small crops to avoid the wind.


Humans can contribute to erosion by cutting trees or changing the shape of land. Natural erosion is not a result of human activity. Did humans or nature contribute to the erosion shown?

Close-set pair of natural arches known as a pothole arch formed by erosion (nature).
  • AHumans
  • BNature


The picture below shows erosion on a hillside. What contributed to the erosion?

Old and abandoned coal mine
  • AFlooding removed the land.
  • BWind blew all the trees on the hillside away.
  • CHumans cut the trees and removed part of the land.


Floods can rapidly change the surface of Earth.

Not all floods can be prevented, but flood controls can help to limit the damage they cause. Which of these can not be used to prevent flood damage?

Flood Fast Water Come Through
  • ADitch
  • BSandbags
  • CDinghy
  • DLevee
  • EDam


Humans can find solutions to erosion by creating objects to stop it. What is the solution to the erosion in the picture shown?

Hill or slope retention structure to prevent soil erosion
  • ABoulders are put on the hillside.
  • BTrees are planted on the hillside above the road.
  • CA structure is built on the hillside to keep soil from moving.

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