Lesson Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding and subtracting up to three proper fractions with different denominators by finding common denominators.


A group of students have been challenged to build the tallest possible tower out of rolled up newspapers.

Noura’s tower is 34 m tall.

Osama’s tower is 45 m tall.

Noura and Osama balance their towers on top of each other to make one taller tower.

How tall is their tower in total?

Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A11120 m
  • B79 m
  • C1720 m
  • D11020 m
  • E11115 m


On Saturday, Ali studied English for 23 of an hour and he studied Math for 56 of an hour. How many hours did Ali study in total?

  • A79 of an hour
  • B23 of an hour
  • C12 of an hour
  • D3 hours
  • E112 hours


Solve the following:

  • A13
  • B112
  • C34
  • D113
  • E116


Use the fraction wall to calculate 12+712.

  • A1512
  • B113
  • C114
  • D116
  • E1112


What is the total of 12 and 13?

Hint: Use the bar model to help.

  • A46
  • B56
  • C25
  • D16
  • E26


Select the two fractions whose sum is greater than 1.

  • A12 and 14
  • B14 and 34
  • C12 and 12
  • D58 and 14
  • E12 and 58


How much water is there in both jugs altogether? Give your answer as a mixed number in the simplest form.

  • A112 liters
  • B125 liters
  • C1310 liters
  • D1710 liters
  • E135 liters


Find 45+710.

  • A115
  • B12
  • C1115
  • D1110
  • E112


Complete this number sentence: 25+13=.

Hint: Use the area model to help.

  • A1115
  • B1215
  • C315
  • D35
  • E38


Find 710+25+210. Give your answer as a mixed number.

  • A1410
  • B1120
  • C1310
  • D1210
  • E1310

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